Here at Lazarus Mastiffs we are dedicated to preserving the OEMC standard.  You may well notice a different type in our dogs when compared to many others here in the U.S.   In fact, we hope you do.  We are proud members of the New English Mastiff Association (NEMA) and follow their strict code of ethics.  We also firmly believe in the mastiff preservation movement.  The preservationists are a group of breeders that are dedicated to preserving the Old English mastiff type.  We have a commitment to line breeding for our personal program.  You will however find several imported bloodlines within individual sub-groups  as well.  This is done to help the preservation efforts.  We have scoured the world to find the best dogs possible to create new lines for the community here in the U.S.   Until now, the famous Greiner Hall kennels have carried the brunt of this burden here in the U.S.  We are trying to lessen that burden by creating other new lines here for existing and hopefully new breeders to carry on.  Most of the dogs that we concentrate on will simply be a perpetuation of what Steve and Leah at Greiner Halls have done for generations now.  Within these lines, we try to demonstrate that same strong familial resemblance which they have  come to be known for.  In short, we are part of the resurrection of the Old English type in the U.S.  Welcome to Lazarus Mastiffs.

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